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Point Of Sale:

As the sole U.K. agent for possibly one of the largest manufacturers of Point Of Purchase neon signs on the world market, Acme Neon are now able to supply large quantities of high quality, custom designed, Point Of Purchase neon signs at very competitive prices.

Staff at Acme Neon can assist in the development of the product, manufacture prototypes and advise on technical specifications ready for manufacture in the far east.

Lite Point Beer Make My Day


Generic Neon Signs:   Top

As well as design and manufacture of Point Of Purchase signs, Acme Neon can also supply Generic Neon Signs examples of which are shown on this page. Prices and minimum quantities are available on request.

We hold in stock a quantity of "Open" signs, ready for immediate purchase.

Contact us for details and prices.

Cocktails Hollywood
Rock & Roll The Fabulous 50's
Pizza Espresso Coffee
Open Sign (IN STOCK) Open 24hrs a day
Karaoke Bar Ice Cream


Trade Glass Supplies   Top

Acme Neon manufacture all types of Quality Neon Tubes - Cold Cathode Tubes - for supply to the trade.

Dicky Bo's Pool Centre
Golden Mile Backlit Signage

We can supply on a Glass Only basis or Glass + Transformer, see our accessories page for more details.

Quotations for glass supply are handled quickly and efficiently (Note: we DO NOT supply Transformer Calibrations with our "Glass Only" quotations).

All of Acme Neon's products are manufactured to the highest standard, NOT to a bottom line figure, using only components from top suppliers - ensuring Low Maintenance and High Life Expectancy.


Interior Neon Shop Signs   Top

An interior neon sign consists of an acrylic case, quality neon tubes and a neon converter unit all fully assembled ready to hang inside your shop window.

Acme Neon's interior signs conform to all regulations currently in force.

Fish & Chips

Due to increasing restrictions, imposed by local planning authorities, with regard to Illuminated Shop-front Signage, an interior neon sign is the only way to catch the eye of passing trade, without the need for costly planning consent (illuminated neon signs behind your shop window are not subject to planning restrictions).

Kebabs & Burgers Line Drawing  

Why not let Acme Neon quote for the design and manufacture of an interior neon sign for your business, we are sure

you will get years of eye-catching service.

Scale line drawings accompany most quotations, so you will get a feel for the sign's dimensions before you place an order.

Kebabs & Burgers

Home Delivery  

Signs can be produced in a variety of different colour combinations and styles to suit your individual taste - company logo - letterheads.


Accessories   Top

Acme Neon hold a large stock of transformers, from a number of manufacturers, for supply with our neon signs and trade neon supplies.

Other items available from stock include:

  • Neon Converters
  • Cable
  • Tube supports
  • Nickel Wire
  • Flashers
  • Chasers etc.

If we do not hold the required item on stock, most accessories are usually available on a next day delivery.